Operation: Christmas

During the Christmas season, the Baptist Metro Center in Indianapolis distributes 2,000 shoe box gifts and 600 food baskets to families in need. Calvary Heights Baptist Church will be getting involved by collecting shoe boxes filled with gifts for local children. Here’s how you can participate:

  • Find an empty shoe box. The box should be wrapped with the lid wrapped separately. Please do not wrap the box so that it will not open.
  • Decide whether your gift will be for a Boy or Girl and give their age group. Make sure to mark the age category on the label.
  • Fill the box with a variety of gifts using the list below as a guide.
  • Gifts should be dropped off to Calvary Heights Baptist Church by December 9, 2012. Our church leaders will drop off the boxes collected to the Baptist Metro Center.

Suggested gifts for children include toys (i.e. stuffed animals, balls, toys, cars); school supplies (i.e. pens; pencils; crayons; coloring books; paper; calculators); hygiene products (i.e. toothbrush; toothpaste; soap; comb; brush); and other items (i.e. flashlight; t-shirts; socks; Bible stories; picture books; gum). No food items should be included. Please consider not sending playing cards, witchcraft or magic items, guns, knives, zombie or gruesome looking figures. Please do no include items that could break or leak.

You may begin dropping off your shoeboxes on October 7, 2012. Thank you for your generosity!