Sunday Evening Bible Study

What do you say about who Jesus is? What about your friends? What does our culture say about Jesus? There is no greater question. No one is more loved and hated than Jesus. “To some an aroma of life. To others an aroma of death.”

Join us on Sunday evenings beginning January 8, 2012 at 6PM for an in-depth Bible Study: “Vintage Jesus.” The DVD series (led by Pastor Mark Driscoll) and discussion provides an opportunity for discussion, questions and a deeper examination of God’s Word and the Son of God. The discussion topics of the series will include:

-Is Jesus the Only God?
-How Human Was Jesus
-How Did People Know Jesus Was Coming?
-Why Did Jesus Come to Earth?
-Why Did Jesus’ Mom Need to Be a Virgin?
-What Did Jesus Accomplish on the Cross?
-Did Jesus Rise from Death?
-Where Is Jesus Today?
-Why Should We Worship Jesus?
-What Makes Jesus Superior to Other Saviors?
-What Difference Has Jesus Made in History?
-What Will Jesus Do upon His Return?
We hope you’ll join us for this incredible opportunity to learn more about Jesus. Child care available!