Greatest Sermon Ever! (Summer Sermon Series)

442250589_640What is the greatest sermon ever given?

To me, that’s an easy answer: The Sermon on the Mount.

No sermon that has ever been given is more influential than Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. As recorded in Matthew 5-7, Jesus’ sermon given on a mountainside 2,000 years ago contains many of the most beloved portions of the Bible: The Beatitudes … The Lord’s Prayer … The Golden Rule. In addition, many English idioms that we use everyday find their origin in the Sermon on the Mount: “Salt of the earth” … “Turn the other cheek” … “Wolves in sheep’s clothing.” Most importantly, the Sermon on the Mount is a monumental statement of what is means for Christ-followers to live as a part of the kingdom of God. 

Beginning Sunday, June 8, 2014, I will be starting a new sermon series on the Sermon on the Mount entitled “Greatest Sermon Ever!” We hope that you’ll join us every Sunday at 10:45am for our worship celebration as we study God’s Word together.

I have given a special challenge to the congregation in conjunction with this sermon series: Memorize the Sermon on the Mount. I have accepted the challenge, and will be attempting to recite the Sermon on the Mount completely from memory by the end of the sermon series.

See you Sunday! – Pastor Matt Higgins